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12 Best Apps and Websites for Missed Connections

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Are you looking for the best apps and websites that can give you a second chance to chat up a person you lost contact with? Or the opportunity to send a message across to that special someone you missed getting their contact? At least, you can now get to hook up and know each other better or intimately. Well, if any of the above shoes fit your size then these missed connection apps and sites can sure bring your search to an abrupt end.

Top Places to Find Missed Connections online

1. People finder tools

These are trusted people search sites and apps with big databases across the USA. The best of these options is BV, you can start your search in minutes and find missed people with few clicks. Of course, you need to search using their names, old phone numbers or at least an email. However, there are more search options like property, and even you can browse profiles by name and location.

2. Craigslist 

Craiglist website is a general interest site offering opportunities to connect with clients and customers. It helps create connections for the sale of both old and new items, rent a property and more. But you may want to start with Craigslist as an exciting option for missed connections.

Under Craigslist ‘Personals’ the missed connections alone helped to generate 50 billion page views every month on Craigslist. It is one of the most popular sites of all the missed connections websites in existence.

Craigslist missed connections give you a chance to post the story of your encounter, stating the circumstance of meeting and other relevant information to make the connection possible. Though there have been some cases of crime associated with the use of Craigslist but with proper security measures and meeting in public places one can avert such tragedies.

3. Urban Love Finder 

There are other missed sites for connections besides Craigslist, Urban Love Finder allows users to post missed connections just as other users input comments or chats. It also allows for a hidden identity when needed, but will display your profile and picture whenever you indicate who you are to a particular person.

It shares a lot of similarities with Tinder. So beyond locating a missed connection, you can meet others via Urban Love Finder. Or once you make a connection with that missing person you can go ahead to exchange details. 

4. Happn App

The Happn app enables you to make connections with people whom you have crossed path with covering a space of 250m. It is a relatively young app with just about 700 active users monthly and has been downloaded 2 million times. The Happn app is a notable connection app just like Tinder and offers a lot more than just locating a missed connection. Some of its features include;

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    Spot on location technology

Due to its location technology, it matches you with people within your area. And even tells you the street on which you both missed your connection as well as the number of times you have both crossed paths.

    You get more noticed

The Happn app allows you to send a ‘charm’ to anyone you are attracted to without having to wait for them to press the like button first. So you easily get noticed.

    Opportunity to relate with your neighbors

Because we live in a fast-paced society, relating with neighbors might be almost impossible. But with the Happn app, you can meet your neighbors and then hook up physically for some drinks if the need arises.

5. Tinder

Tinder site has about 20 billion matches. It is among the world’s most popular dating sites for expanding your social network, meeting people, chatting, matching people and so on.  This app has a reputation for creating or sparking well over 26 million matches daily. It features unique content in the sense that, its double opt-in enables only two people with mutual interest to connect, eliminating rejections.

6. Bumble

If you are a lady and got the boldness it deserves then Bumble exists just for you as it creates an opportunity for ladies to make the first move. It encourages women to actually make contact or send ‘howdy’ messages to a guy they are attracted to. With the Tinder-esque profiles, as soon as she makes a match, the female can go ahead to send messages to her connections.

If the message is not sent within a specific timeframe the matches will disappear on countdown or clock time out. Though, that doesn’t mean males are not allowed on Bumble as it’s open to all. However, one edge Bumble has over Tinder is that it really doesn’t place a limit on the number of profiles you can choose to swipe. So feel free to swipe away!

7. Okcupid 

Remember Cupid the angel of love? Yeah, the one who uses arrows to match a male and female to make them fall in love; love at first site if you wish. Well, unlike the popular arrow shooting cupid, OkCupid uses this app as a medium to match make people.

This free online dating site is a favorite to some people. It has free matchmaking and profiles as well as a large community of users. OkCupid features include multiple modes of communication, emails, and instant messages. To generate matches, it uses generated data on user’s activities and the answers provided to questions. Based on the result, it can inform a user about those interested in them.

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8. Twitter 

Twitter provides an interesting platform to find your missed connections. Particularly if you have the first and last name of a person it becomes a lot easier to make a connection. What you need is to know whom to enlist in your search and creating a hashtag that is sure to go viral and help to get the word out. So launch a Twitter campaign and find that missed connection.

9. Facebook

Who says Facebook is only for hooking up with friends, colleagues and family members? With Facebook, you can equally find a match or a missed connection if you know how to or what to do. Facebook can help you narrow down a search to the missed connection’s location and in addition to the name you can come up with something more interesting as well as spontaneous.

10. The League

The advantage of The League app over some others is that it helps you stalk a missed connection. It links a user’s LinkedIn and Facebook account to give you enough information about the person. That way, The League lets you into what you are about to get into. You get a lot of quality working guys (though this has resulted in their being accused of elitism).

11. eHarmony

eHarmony as an online dating website uses a scientific approach when it comes to matchmaking. Its 29 DIMENSION model matches compatible singles seeking fulfilling and long-lasting relationships. Getting a compatible partner online, even from dating sites does not always come with all the guarantees.

In its approach, eHarmony streamlines a list of thousands of singles to match you with a compatible list. With a wide range of members in all the 50 states in the US and well over 200 countries, locating a missed connection becomes easier. All you need do is provide details of the persons and when you last connected while looking for likely connections.

12. Elite singles

For Elite singles, the catch focuses more on singles with professional background and seeking long-lasting relationships. A good percentage of the subscribers on Elite singles possess degrees and advanced degrees in different disciplines up to bachelor, masters, and doctorate. It is a safe and secure website with no known recorded or linked cases of fraud.

Elite singles incorporate a Secure Fraud Detection System as well as an in-depth 200 personality tests (questionnaire) that help locate a compatible partner for their members. Some of the questions bother on your education, distance, temperament, character, lifestyle, religion, ethnicity and interests. So if trying to locate a missed connection who maybe you can tell has a professional inclination, carrying out a search within the Elite singles community won’t be a bad idea.

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Trying to locate a missed connection even in the case of meeting the person just once is a great possibility. The means and links to reaching a missed connection can be limitless but a single trial might not yield the result you seek so fast. Therefore, if you truly miss that connection or really desire to reconnect then I guess distance cannot be a barrier to how far you can go. Stop missing, get connected!


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