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How to Do a Background Check on Someone: Best Sites and Tips

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Are you looking for ways to do a background check for someone online? And you don’t know which service is trusted and accurate? So, read the full article as I’ll show you how t run a background check with the best services and what you get as details about the person.

But first, remember that searching for people online should not be used for any illegal purpose. These tools can be helpful to find details but not using them for any bad goal.

Now, here is the list of companies that do background checks online:

Best online background check sites and services

1. BeenVerified

I tested different tools and options, it’s true that there are many background check companies online, but when we talk about accuracy and quality, only a few ones provide the truth. BeenVerified is on the top of the top list of background check websites with premium quality services.

How long does it take to do your online background check?

It’s instant, in a few seconds, you get the person criminal background report. Unlike the traditional ways where you wait months, online criminal background check services work instantly. So, there is no need to wait for confirmations and complicated process.

If you can’t get the person’s details you were looking for, make sure you have typed the exact name, if you can guess the age, add it, it will help. If you know the middle name and the state, add them and you’ll get accurate information.

BeenVerified is the best people search engine based on its quality and the features that come with the tool. To have an idea of what you get in the background check report:

example of Background check report

If you’re sure that the person you look for has a criminal history, and you get nothing, then, you can request a court runner with a real person that check the details with the county courthouse. That saves a lot of money as many counties in the US don’t publicise digitized copies of their reports.

background check and court runner

To save the background scan report, you can have a PDF version or a copy that you can send to emails.

This service is available on the desktop version, on iPhone and Android devices. So, you can use it anywhere you go and anytime you need.

Unlike other background history scanning sites, BeenVerified doesn’t subscribe you automatically to other services, in reality, that what happened many times with other tools you can find online. Furthermore, there is a great customer assistance with departments based in New York, and Florida.

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For the above features and differences, BeenVerified is the best background check service today, no other company provides what they offer. However, there is no perfect service and you shouldn’t expect to get 100% of all your search, and if you can’t get any detail, then, refine your search and check for spelling, that happens a lot.

2. Info Tracer

InFoTracer or (eVerify) previously, is one of the best background checking services, they’re well-known for their different search options. With this website, you can investigate anyone and get the following details if  found:

  • Criminal records
  • Court records
  • Arrest records and Warrants
  • Contact information
  • Marriage records
  • Divorce records and even more.

To successfully run a criminal background search, type in the exact name and location of the person, then, click the search buttons and wait. In a few seconds, you’ll get the result, if that takes too long, then refresh the page and restart again. or simply clear your browser cache, issues can happen in these cases.

Known as one of the most accurate background check websites, this service offers more options and tools. You can find anyone’s criminal background history, property record, marriage record and more. Just give the tool a try and you’ll love it.

3. Spokeo

This is another online criminal background check website, however, I found a few details with their tools and even inaccurate reports in very few cases. So, use this tool only if you get results. The problem with this background investigation service is their search box, there are no options to add additional details like the sate and more. These details can easily refine the search and that results in an accurate report that works.

What is included in a comprehensive report?

Let’s find exactly what kind of information comes up in your background check report, first, it’s all about your needs, however, BeenVerified offers all the person’s background details in a clear report. So, you get the:

  • Full name the previous address, the actual address and even the …
  • The previous address the actual address and even the …
  • The actual street address
  • The phone number that the person owned
  • The email address
  • You can run a propriety report find associated people
  • Find associated people
  • Imposters
  • Bankruptcies
  • Licenses
  • Permits
  • The person’s education, (university etc…)
  • Social media accounts

Here are the social media profiles found on someone’s background search report.

example of social media report of a person

How much does it cost?

These are the best paid criminal background check companies, some of them offer more results than others, and the prices may change the way you select a good option. In general, the background check report cost $22 on average, and that includes the above details about the person. However, some services may offer extra tools and options for you, so, if you really need them, you’ll pay $30 to $40 on average.

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To save money and have the cheapest background check membership options, it’s recommended to signup for 6 months or Yearly plan if available. That will have an automatic discount, that way, you’ll avoid the expensive monthly subscription costs, and you get unlimited records check at once.

Can you search for yourself?

If you have a social media profile, a website or any other information that can be traced online then, chances are, your details are searchable in many of these background check tools. Luckily, you can opt-out and remove your personal details if you need. To do that visit any of the above sites and search for yourself, if you find accurate details, then, you can opt-out using their links in the footer. Just search for opt-out options in their footer links and you’ll get access to the tool.

If you can find that link, then, you need to create an account first and then, remove your details. That’s what I found with a friend’s details that we removed.

Which service is the best?

Comparing dozens of websites and services, it’s clear that BeenVerfied’s background check service is the best, the company offers

Now, you know how to successfully do a background check on someone and find accurate and up to date details. Not all the background check companies are safe, and I only listed the best one that is registered as businesses in the US and that have good customer support. If you used any other criminal background check services and worked for you, then, share it in your comment and I’ll do my best to investigate it first and add it to this list if it works.


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