Find if Boyfriend is on Tinder and dating sites

How to Find If a Boyfriend Is On Tinder or Other Dating Sites

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Ever been in a relationship but feeling unsure or worried whether or not your other half might be swiping away at others on Tinder and other dating sites? Would you like to put your heart at rest and avoid those sleepless nights worrying over whom he could be chatting or cheating on you with already? Then, it’s time to relax and let’s explore the chances that your boyfriend is busy getting the best of fun while you deal with the trust issue.

Why go on a Rampage in Search of your Boyfriend’s likely Girlfriend?

Matters of the heart could be quite interesting and sometimes frustrating depending on the side of the coin you find yourself. And Tinder or other dating sites could just be your best friend or worst nightmare right now.

Tinder app is about the most heavily used app for dating currently, providing ample opportunities for singles to interact, network and start a relationship. But for those already in a relationship, it could pose some dangers with cheating, unfaithfulness, and trust if not managed properly.

With over 50 million users making 1.5 billion swipes per day Tinder is something to watch out for if trying to find out if your boyfriend has started cheating on you. So, here is the way to go to find out if your boyfriend’s on Tinder:

Start Your Search for Your Boyfriend’s Tinder or Dating Accounts

Use a phone lookup tool

BeenVerified is the best recommended tool to find dating profiles including Tinder and other sites. All you need is te perosn’s cell phone number, or his email address and even the full name if you want. Use any of these search options and you’ll get a full report with the exact Tinder profile link of your boyfriend, Girlfriend or other.

Here is a quick overview of what you can find as search detail:

How to Find If a Boyfriend Is On Tinder

Do an Online search

You could opt for a Google search for your boyfriend’s profile using his personal details such as full name, email address, etc. If he has special names, aliases and email address that could be the best place to start your search from. 

Also, get hold of his profile picture on any social media account and other photos you presume he would likely use online. Then drag and drop the photo into Google image search bar to see what comes up. To do a reverse photo search on Google can spring up many surprises about your boyfriend’s antecedents. And you might just be fortunate to see his details pop up somewhere to check his activities.

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You can also make use of online search sites such as the Social Searcher to find your boyfriend’s social media accounts for Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. and forums his visits for free.

 Check his PC or Phone lines

This might not be completely recommended measure to take as it might involve some legal implication for privacy. But if he allows you look through his phone or PC without placing password restrictions you could check his browser history for the website visited. If dating sites or apps exist on his phone and how often he makes use of them might just give you a clue on whether he visits Tinder and other dating sites.

If he does not clear the history often and has the password stored on the device then it might allow you access into the dating site or app to view his past activities. However, if he allows you access to his phone and PC the chances are that he is not trying to hide any information from you.

It is also possible that he is more discreet with what tools he makes use of when on an escapade on Tinder or other social dating apps. Popular apps and sites to look out for include:

  • Tinder
  • Once
  • Coffee Meets Bagel
  • HowAboutWe
  • Vaulty Stocks
  • HAA
  • Match
  • eHarmony
  • OkCupid etc…

Create a Profile on Tinder

To make it easier to spot him on Tinder and other dating sites you might as well create a fake social media account or profile also. The reason is that most dating sites have features that make it easier for only registered members to locate other users.

So you could do a search for other users, but this time, your boyfriend. Search his locality, sex, age bracket, hair color and other vital information you think can bring his profile out of hiding if any. Your search could also focus on a likely locality you presume he might have an interest in to be more effective.

Pay a private investigator

Yeah, right! You see that a lot in movies, but you do know it’s a reality today? You can get a private eye to help do your searching online for dating sites your boyfriend uses. So if you do not have the time due to a busy schedule or would rather someone else does the search, then you just might need to go with the private investigator.

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Of course, expect that it should cost you some bucks depending on the level of engagements you seek. How much you want to know and the amount of evidence you want the investigator to supply would determine what it would cost you.

Except the relationship has gone sour and obviously there is a clear case of adultery and major trust issues, this might be an extreme measure to take.

Do a paid search with Swipe Buster

With as low as $7.49 you can do a paid search for your boyfriend’s profile and transactions on Tinder using Swipe Buster. With the first name as used on Facebook and location, he used Tinder from you can get useful details about his antecedents.

Use a Spy App

Third party spy apps like Flexi Spy, Spyera and more can help you solve the problem of knowing what your spouse or boyfriend does with their phones. With such spy apps even when your spouse deletes all information to clean up their tracks you can still have access to it without stress. The spy app also gives details of your boyfriend or spouse’s location. So, you could call them up and ask for their actual location to see if it tallies with what the app shows. 

But to use these apps you would need to install the app on your boyfriend’s phone. Make sure to delete the app after downloading and ensure it is hidden from the desktop so they do not see it easily or become suspicious.

Ask him politely

Yeah, this might sound or look impossible but if you have been in a relationship with him for some time you should be able to read his mannerism and nuances. So, a polite and careful question about their activities and dating experience online might help. Of course, if he conceals anything from you, from his expressions you should be able to tell. If he becomes evasive, defensive and paranoid then you’ve got the answer you need.

In conclusion, sneaking on your partner to find out what they do behind you is a clear indication of a huge trust issue in the relationship. But to find out more about your boyfriend’s dating habits you might need to keep up the race of finding him out if he is determined to keep at the game. 


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