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Find if your wife has a hidden cell phone number he keeps secret

If you have doubts about your wife secrets and you want to know if she has a second cell phone number that she hides, then, make sure you read the full article.

The purpose of these tools and tips is to help to real the truth and not destroying your marriage or relationship.

In reality, if a girlfriend or wife is cheating on you, then, probably she has another mobile that you don’t know about. or even more, she may hide her screen when you’re moving around, Luckily, there are options and tools that can help you with that.

Lookup her actual phone number or email

This is not a new way to find people detail, however, some tools offer personal details like all the cell numbers a person owns.

The best phone number lookup and background check tools we tried and found the most accurate are the following, so, try them one by one until you find what you look for. However, the first option should work for 95% of the time or something like that.


With this great tool, it’s easy to find any woman’s secret number. So, just search for her number or email address that you know, then, under contact details, you’ll find all the phone numbers that she hides.

Of course, these details that the tool found is the result of a deep web search, scan, crawling and more. These search algorithms and services use lots of resources to find social media accounts, website details, and every single data about anyone. Then, the algorithm organizes the data and add any new number that someone has to his contact details.

The great thing about this search tool is that it comes with up to date contact details including the latest phone numbers, emails, etc…

So, instead of wasting time with other apps that never work, this one provides the real details that she has.

On the other hand, you have multiple search options, that includes names, email address, location and More. Also, the user can find the relatives, with photos if they exist. In fact, lots of websites make photos public for crawling, that way, Google and other search engines find them easily.

2. InforTracer

This is the second secret phone number finder tool that should work. It has lots of data to show and you can start the search with any lady’s mobile number. Then, after clicking the search button, let the tool scans that database and finds the related details.

As the above software, if there is any given disposable number related to your search, you’ll find the report with the location, social media accounts, owned numbers and much more.

2. Spokeo

We tested this search software multiple times, and it works well, however, it covers only the USA. So, if you want to find other numbers related to someone outside the US, then, use the other options instead.

There is an exclusive feature with this website, they have a search directory by name, so, you can browse profiles by name and find their contact detail if you want.

If you can’t find any corresponding number about someone, try searching for his full name instead, that can bring other details if there is any.

Search using her full name and location

This is not the best method, as it can take minutes to find the exact person. However, there are many options and sites for that.

The problem with these apps is their limited databases and the wrong details in many cases. However, if you really want to find hidden numbers using names, then, try BeenVerified. It’s a great, fast and accurate way to get the secret contact numbers that people hide.

Using this powerful method, you can find out who your wife is texting or even contacted last night without asking her. This is not a science, but if you find related phone numbers to your wife’s profile, then, probably, she is in contact with these people you don’t even know about. So, please be careful with these search sites and think twice before you make a conclusion.

Give search engines a try

The best free way to find your wife’s second phone number is Google of course. However, Google as a search engine crawls public information and index it. So, if someone posted a picture, a post on Facebook, or a comment on any other website, there is always a possibility to find all that easily.

So, if you can spend some time on Google search, you can filter the search results and find the details about the exact people you want to find. If your wife added by mistake her secret mobile number on a website, you can find that under her profile or account if that’s allowed of course.

You can also try Bing, it’s another big search engine that can help.

Is she cheating?

As we always recommend, there is no need to conclude that your wife is cheating because she has a phone that she keeps hidden.

In fact, when your girlfriend or wife is secretive with her phone, that can be a strong sign of cheating, however, it’s not always the case.

Of course, the majority of men consider that as a sign of cheating, however, we know some wives who buy another number just to keep in touch with one of her family because the husband is not okay with that relation.

Okay, that may look surprising for many, but that’s the truth with some complicated relations with problems in contacting each other. There is no exact method to detect if a wife is cheating or not, however, you can find her relatives and associated people by using the first search tool above.

Under her “associates” tab, you can see the people, she contacts or has direct social profiles with, that can help and we encourage you to do that search.

In conclusion

So, these are the best ways to know if your wife, girlfriend or partner has a second cell phone. If you know other tips and you want to share them, make sure to contact us and let the others follow your tip here. We’ll add any new method if it works for real.

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