How to Catch a Cheating Spouse Using a Cell Phone Number

How to Catch a Cheating Spouse Using a Cell Phone Number

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If you want to reveal the truth and catch your spouse cheating his cell phone, then, keep in mind two things.

1/ There are legit ways that you can use to find all his or her social media accounts and even dating profiles. So, you can look further and know at 100% if he’s cheating or not.

2/ There are many apps for spying, but we don’t recommend them and you should never listen to what they say. The majority of these apps are scammers who don’t provide any real truth. They can steal your man’s details, or your wife’s photos, so, if you care about others, don’t install any of these apps. Instead, spend some minutes searching using any of the following tools and you’ll find answers.

Lookup his number (or email, name)

If you don’t want to waste the time, and you need to find if someone is cheating on you or not, then, use this powerful search tool. It lets you find every single account on Facebook, Instagram or other sites using the person’s phone number, email address or even name.

If your spouse is hiding a Facebook account, then, you can find that account using any of the above search options. Then, you’ll get the exact account link to check it out. You can even see the pictures, videos or other details that he may keep secret.

Of course, there is no perfect tool that finds 100% of the searches, but, if your partner owns multiple Facebook accounts, then, chances are, the tool will catch him using advanced search techniques and sophisticated algorithms. These programs bypass the normal web search and compare results together to trace every information on social media websites and dating apps.

If your partner is smart and he keeps everything organized, then, this tool may help a lot. It can find the number that someone is using on Whatsup, Facebook for texting or even dating accounts. Just read all the details in the report.

Secret search trick

If you want to find secret accounts that he hides, you need to lookup his phone number first, then, you’ll get the other number he owns and also keeps secret. Now, you have another search option to use, because you have his number, you can search for it on Facebook. If the user signed up or verified his account using that number, you’ll be able to detect his secret account on Facebook.

Try InfoTracer

InfoTracer is another powerful tool that can find a person’s hidden social media profiles using the phone number or other details. You don’t have to type all the full name to start the search, you can just add the spouse’s first name, the exact state and then, filter the search results. There are many options to use and the member area gives you more search tools than what regular sites provide.

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Things to look for to find a cheater(signs)

It’s always possible to conclude that someone is a cheater at 100% because there are so many factors, circumstances and things that you should know and even investigate secretly. So, before making any conclusion, starts searching for your husband’s online presence using the above options and see if you can find hidden emails, mobile number or other details you may not be aware of.

Now, even if you found personal details, that means nothing without investigating further, here is what can happen. Imagine if you found multiple Facebook accounts that your wife or girlfriend hides and of course you discovered these profiles using one of the advanced tools we recommend. Then, what should be your conclusion that your partner created those accounts years ago even before knowing you, you see?

It can be easy to say, he’s a cheater, but it’s not easy to really know if he cheated or just created these accounts years ago for fun etc..who know what the reason is.

But what you should keep in mind here is, just ask your man about these accounts and listen to what he says. Don’t overestimate things and a secret email address that he has can be used to create accounts on sites and the man doesn’t want to use his real email and get spam ads to his inbox, we all do that.

Of course, there are lots of signs that a partner might be cheating and it’s better to look closer. So, if he’s keeping his mobile phone in his hand all the time, then, maybe, he’s hiding something, and he doesn’t want you to see the caller or the person who texted him.

If someone is addicted to their phone, then, that can be a clear sign of cheating or also, it can be a sign of social media addiction, like millions of people do, and in this case, he’s not a cheater, but he can’t keep checking what’s new as posts or Instagram photos.

In addition, look for the man’s habits, can you find anything new in his daily routines, like the time he comes back at night? and what about his spending? are there any new expenses that look unusual?

Next, look fa or hidden cell phone in your home, is there any place that can be used to keep a device secret? don’t expect to find a smartphone all the time, people can use old phones just for calling even those small devices with a SIM card.

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You don’t have to buy any tool to find cell phones in your home using signals etc…just do a background check on your husband and see if there is any new number you don’t know about. Then, call that number and see if it rings or not (use another number of course).


By following the steps and tools we talked about, it will be easier to catch a cheating husband and find his cell number (the secret one). But again, give yourself the time to investigate more and go further in finding the truth.

Ask yourself the questions that can help you to get the right conclusion. As a piece of advice here, don’t talk to anyone about that unless you’re sure about cheating, you don’t know what others can do to make your life complicated by suggesting separation even before verifying things.

I hope that this helped if you want to add something or have other tips or tricks to share, contacts us and let’s find what others can do to find cheaters.

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