How to Find if Someone has Multiple Email Accounts

How to Find if Someone has Multiple Email Accounts

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With all the websites we use and signup for, it’s always recommended to use the email as a way to confirm the identity and log in. So, it’s like an ID, but what can you do to find if someone has multiple email accounts? Is there any way to find these hidden emails?

In today’s post, we’ll talk about getting these contact details like Gmail or Yahoo accounts that a person owns and you need to find online, so, keep reading, it will be easier than you can imagine.

How to know if someone has another email account?

No matter what the reason is, if you need to get the other email address that a person owns, then, you need to use multiple search options. So, of these ways work using the person’s first and last name, when others require the phone number to find all the email accounts linked to it. But if you already have the person’s email, then, things will be easier as you’ll just need to make a free reverse email lookup and then, get the results in a clear report.

Find their multiple email addresses by names

To find out whether or not someone has a second email account, you don’t know about, use a powerful background check tool like this one and search for any name. If you can add the state, it will be better in terms of results and you’ll get an accurate background report with all the emails linked to that exact first and last name.

If you see multiple results, just refine them and exclude the names you things are not what you’re searching for.

Nowadays, linking someone’s name (first and last) to his emails used online can be easy for sophisticated algorithms and tools. However, gettings the details and classifying them is not easy as everything needs to be well organized and classified.

If you want to test this search method, then, you can find all the email accounts in your name with the help of this tool. Give it a try, and you’ll discover more details than what you expect about others.

Another search option I tried and recommend is Google and also Facebook. What you can do here is to search Google for the person’s full name followed by terms like “emails”, email accounts” etc… That will result in pages in the Google index with that exact search term.

Google has a good advanced search tool that filters the search results and helps in getting what the user is looking for exactly. That way, you can combine multiple search filters like the location, language, website, etc…

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The next site that can be used to find, for example, a Gmail account that someone owns using his name is Facebook and Twitter. These social media networks store lots of details about users in different ways, so, the social platforms add parameters for privacy to hide or show the contacting email.

You can use that feature as may users won’t even care about their social media accounts private, so, their contact details will be visible publicly.

Find second email accounts by phone number

Lots of people have primary and second email accounts, so, they use each one of these contact inboxes for different kinds of websites and goals. For example, people can create Facebook accounts using the secondary email address and not the primary one. That’s because they want to reduce the number of notifications they get to their inbox etc…

The good news here is that no matter if the user has one or multiple emails, advanced search tools can trace his online presence and combine all his contact details in a single report. That’s not always the case as there are many who hide their details and keep them secret and the number of personal details you can get is not always the same.

In order to find all the email accounts that are associated with a phone number, I recommend using any of these lookup tools.

What if you know his/her actual email account?

Getting someone’s other email accounts using his actual email is fast and easy. What you need is a working system that lookup that email and shows you all the other hidden emails related to it. That’s not a regular search method, it needs lots of work and database behind the scene, but finally, it works.

To reverse-lookup, any email address, start using this system, then, there are many personal details to find in a single report.

Google, Bing, and Yandex can also find email if you search them inside a quote. That means returning only the pages what the exact email ID is listed or shown. Or if you think that the other search engines like Baidu are useful for your search, then, try it and see if it find the details you look for.

Also, there is always a chance to find different information on LikedIn, the site has a modern people search tool that’s easy and fast.


If you need to find the other email address that someone has, you can test the above search tools and methods. Some sites work by giving the user the options to lookup the phone number, and others will need to check the full name and the location. On the other hand, you have the easiest method which is using the actual email ID that he or she has. So, it all depends on what you have as given information to get the truth.


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