find someone on dating sites by email

How to Find Someone on Dating Sites by Email

In Email Search by Editorial StaffLast Updated: December 28th, 2019

Getting personal details online is much more easily now, and in a few minutes, you can find out if someone is really on dating websites by using his email address only. So, there is no need to search using a long list of sites like the old days.

In today’s world of social media, advanced search techniques, and ways, you’ll be able to find the truth about your boyfriend or girlfriend faster, but please use the details you find for good reasons only and respect the privacy of others.

Search the dating site using emails

Because searching is not only an interface or app that never works, we tried the following options, and we organized them base don the way they get details and lets the user get them online. Now, start with the first option, and if you find no dating accounts relate to your email, use the second tool and so on until you get a result.

Use the advanced search tools

There are dozens of people search sites, but many of them just generate random fake accounts that people may see real. The only two sites that we found real and trustworthy are the following:

The BV

With this trusted tool, anyone can reverse lookup any email address and find who the owner is, that’s it. There is no complicated search parameters or ugly site design like many platforms, all are good looking in terms of design, colors, and layout.

The secret behind this tool is the huge database of profiles they can collect by scanning the web for any email address. So, it’s like a big library or directory of people’s details that we can use in different ways to find an exact person and his hidden dating profiles that are protected from being accessed by regular crawlers.

That way, it combines the powerful search scanning with advanced algorithms to collect the details and make them available for search using any Gmail, Yahoo or any other email address provider.


In order to search all the dating sites at once and find who is the person behind that email address, you can use this site, it works and there are lots of details to uncover. In addition, to the person’s name or username, the tool provides other details that you may be interested in.

Search engines

We do recommend this method for those who look for free reports and who can spend some time searching. We understand that people may need these details to find if their partner is cheating or not, and it’s really useful to start with Google.

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So, type in the Google search box the email of your husband or partner in general followed by the name of the dating site, don’t forget to make the email only inside quotes:

Example: Badoo “”

Now, that alone makes the search better and faster, read the first page and see if you can see related pages or profiles.

It’s just a simple example of many search parameters that Google uses. You can repeat the same search for popular dating services like POF, OkCupid,, Adult FriendFinder or eHarmony that are the most visited in the USA.

Be careful with other sites

Accessing a per’s dating account through his email address may look easy and safe for many, however, the truth is not that clear. Some sites claim that they offer a free email lookup to find who is the person and get all the registered dating accounts may steal your personal details instead and even sell it.

So, we know how a trusted and secure site looks like and we go further and test it. That’s why we don’t add other options here, no matter if they are free or paid. If we see that something is wrong with a site and that it can be a risk when entering personal information, then, it’s better to say away and use a good platform instead, like the ones above.

In conclusion

We don’t want to make a long list of tools for a simple reason, the above search tools ad method work. Thus, instead of finding a person on dating sites by using his email, you can search from outside the platform itself and find the truth using third-party tools.


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