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Find Someone’s Phone Number Using Name, Address or Email

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Would you like to find someone’s phone number online? And you have the name or the address, and you need the person’s cell numbers? So, keep reading, and use the next recommended tools I tested. You’ll find the person’s mobile phone numbers and other personal details. But please use the report data for legal purposes only.

In many cases, people find themselves in the need to find personal information about a person. That can be done to protect themselves by knowing with whom they work, or simply, to find their old friends or to find missing connections.

Of course, there are a few tools to use to search for people online. But please remember that this is only for good goals and not to spy on the others. Now, let’s see how to find someone’s phone number using his or her name, or any other details like the state or the city if that will help.

Best Tools to Find Someone’s Phone Number

1. InfoTracer (accurate phone number finder tool)

The first thing to do when you need to search a phone number for a name is to use any of the white page sites. But that’s the wrong way to use, simply, because they have outdated databases and a small size of data, compared to professional service.

So, what you need is to use a premium people search service called InfoTracer. It’s recommended for the quality of their services and the large amount of data they have especially for the reverse phone lookup. Also, it’s a well-known service to get a name lookup by phone number.

Unlike many other services, this is the best paid people search tool that searches millions of names and public formations in all the U.S, and of course, in all the states.

To start searching for someone’s cell or landline number, just enter the first name, the last name, and the state. Then, click the search box, the background checker tool will start scanning the 2 billion records of data, and you will get the report in a few seconds.

That includes all the details like:

  • The full name
  • The phone number
  • The address
  • Previous and current address, and everything else.

That’s a big work that happens in a matter of seconds, because of the software structure and the well-organized data. Easily, you can find phone numbers by name and address, using this great tool.

Find someone's phone number

Please make sure to enter the name correctly, a simple mistake or wrong letter can change the result completely. So, you will get the details of another person who lives in the same state. At the same time, make sure that you know the state, or simply, use the national wide search option.

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That will help you to avoid errors and gives better results. The best thing about this tool is the way they show the report, it looks organized and divided into categories. So, unlike the White Pages and all the other phone directories, people can find information rapidly.

This is not the only people search service that finds someone’s phone number, but the best of them. However, if you can’t find what you’re looking for exactly, and want other good sites, then use one of the below background checker tools with huge databases and fast customer support.

2. BeeVerified (best way to find phone numbers)

This another recommended people search tool that works well and find people phone numbers using their names or emails. As the above trusted online people search services, it needs the name to start searching and to find the exact matches. Furthermore, this cheap service lets you find people using their names, address or even emails, that’s what will make the search faster and more accurate.

All these people searching tools and directories work faster and better than the others. You can try them and make sure to enter the correct information before starting. Unlike the free people phone directories that never work, these are public and private databases with real information.

finding a person's phone number

The best part is that they let you find unlisted phone numbers, and that’s what you can’t get anywhere else. That needs lots of crawling and programs to find the data from websites and public records. That’s why they’re a premium service that finds people using their names and little details.

As the number of the population grows every day, you can find no data about the people without any public or private records. However, you can find 90% or more details of the cases, and that’s a good percentage.

3. Spokeo (free phone number finder site)

I used Spokeo a couple of time to find someone’s cell phone number and it worked in 60% of the cases. So, it’s not the best options, but a great way to find people numbers if none of the above apps worked for you. The phone search database has millions of numbers, people names, personal details, and for that reason, it’s a good place to reveal someone’s details if you prefer knowing them better without asking them.

4. Search engines

This is not always a good way to find a person’s mobile phone number, however, I recommend to give it a try f nothing works for you. Google, for example, is a huge source of phone numbers, people names and more. So, to find anyone’s phone number, search for his full name, and add the location or any other detail you know about him. That will help the search engine to filter the search results and provides accurate results.

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Other Tools to Find a Person’s Phone Number

1. Verispy

Verispy is another tool to search for people’s phone numbers using their names. What you need is to enter their names and everything else if you have. But, the only difference is that this is a new brand tool with lots of functions and well-designed tools. Please make sure to verify the details you enter each time to ensure the right results you get.

2. Peoplespy

This website lets you search and find someone’s phone number using names, phones, and even email addresses. So, there are no problems with the method to use because you have different ways to use. At the same time, they have apps for iPhone and Android, and that’s what makes the life easier to get an unlimited number of searches wherever you are. People use this service on the go, to find who calls them, or simply to find their lost family members.

features of phone number search website

Know the People around you

Now, you know how to find someone’s phone number using one of the above recommended sites. As I said, these great people directories help to avoid being scammed by dangerous persons who already have a bad past. Business owners use them to find information about new employees and others who want to collaborate with them.

It’s the only way to protect your business and company when it comes to trust and good people. On the other side, families can find their lost members, by using a simple people search software to get personal details.

The standard people and phone searching method take months and long work to complete. And hope that you can get a response at the time. But when it comes to the new world of the Internet, the easiest method to find any phone number or detail about someone is to use these good directories and sites that help instantly.

That saves the time and also, the effort. Now, you know how to find someone’s phone number fast and get accurate details about him or her. If you used any other tool and found someone’s phone number, then, share it with us in your comment.


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