Are you having problems locating or verifying a person’s phone number? Do you think you got the phone number right?

Technology, cloud services and more have to a large extent helped to eliminate the need to store a database of contacts, emails and phone numbers locally. But we could sometimes still remain stocked with storing numbers locally and then having issues with verifying them in the case they get lost or there’s an error.

Maybe you stored the person’s number but can’t access it right now. If not for an omission or confusion with two figures only you should have been able to recite the number offhand. The number should be – 01-664-8965-3586 or is 01-664-8965-6583, not sure? Now, welcome to our helpline on how to verify someone’s phone number.

Why should you Verify a Phone Number

As of the year 2016 alone, bad data costs the US about $3.1 trillion. A total of 91% of organizations suffer from access to an error with data. Another 77% indicate the negative impact of poor contact details in their business operations. If nothing else the negative implications of erroneous data provide a justifiable reason to understand how to verify someone phone number. Besides that let’s explore more reasons to understand how to crosscheck or access a person’s mobile number:

  • The need to reach out to family, friends, colleagues or business associates in a timely manner.
  • Access to accurate phone numbers helps individuals and corporate organizations interact with their clients. Been able to reach the right clients increases the likelihood of a robust bottom-line due to better lead generation.
  • Smoother business operations.
  • Access to more details about the prospective client, date, or business partner.
  • Help you verify and possible cleanse a phone number before including in your database.
  • Eliminate resource wastage owing to sending marketing communication messages to non-existent or erroneous numbers.

How to Confirm a Person’s Phone Number anytime

Popular Search Engines

Google, for instance, is one of the most popular search engine providing access to millions of searches per minute. You could use the reverse number lookup on Google to verify someone’s telephone number. When you input the person’s phone number including the area code within the search field bar on Google it would display more details about the person.

You should get details about the phone number owner from the initial five result searches. By clicking one of the links you would get access to information relating to that phone number including address and other business or personal details. That alone should serve as enough confirmation on whether or not you have the accurate number.


Bing provides a good choice when it comes to verifying business, public and not-for-profit organizations as well as the academic institution’s phone number. Type any accurate details or whatever information you know about the contact into the search bar. From the local listings of provided details, you could ascertain whether or not the phone number and details you have corresponds.

Use Toll-Free Number Options

An appreciable number of organizations possess Toll-free numbers and of course, you know it doesn’t cost a dime to use such numbers except for the waste of time with inaccurate numbers. You can do a Google search of Toll-free numbers to access and verify the authenticity of those numbers before using them. You can search for Tool-free numbers by:

  • Typing “800 numbers for Microsoft” for instance could provide the accurate Toll-free number for Microsoft.
  • By using; “Contact Us” Microsoft for instance within a search engine can yield the result you seek.

Using Third-Party Website Search

You would find hundreds of websites offering premium or free phone number search opportunities. But let’s provide you with a listing of some that could help you verify a person’s phone number within seconds and stress-free:


Zabasearch is a very reliable tool for checking out someone’s phone number for authenticity. It pulls data from multiple sources into a single location for easy access. Information such as date of birth, address, phone number and more could be accessed through a single search. It offers paid and free option. If you take the ‘search for a phone number’ option you would be required to pay. But if you opt for name search it would provide with relevant search results for free.


I did a free trial on TextMagic just to see what happens and it brought out the location of the person using the number. It would interest you to note the person’s number wasn’t even a US or Europe number yet it pulled it out within seconds. TextMagic, however, would require payment to access more information beyond verifying the person’s number. So, if you need to hurriedly verify a friend, colleagues, prospective client or business associates number, this might just be an excellent tool to use.

Social Network Sites

You could opt for a variety of social network sites depending on the nature of the search. If it has to do with a personal search to verify a phone number of a date or for a professional you can take advantage of social network sites to conduct the search. The list could be endless but the popular ones include:

With either an email address, name, professional links such as the workplace, academic institution etc. you can access or check for the accuracy of a phone number. Though, not all searches would produce any or accurate results as some persons make use of phony names online. But it’s worth the try, especially if you choose multiple options.

Try Specialized Directory

Specialized phone directory sometimes provides an exceptional way to verify or find someone’s phone number. “Who Called Me” for instance is a fast, reliable and efficient means to verify a person’s phone number paid or free. With just the phone number you can verify the name and location. You could also access likely comments made by others on the owner of the phone number. Such additional information could help guide you in case you intend going out on a date, recruitment or business purpose.

Other very Useful Sites

I have checked out some other useful sites you could rely on the get information and verify a phone number before placing that appointment. They include:

A lot of persons make one of the worst mistakes today when commencing a search in trying to understand how to verify someone’s phone number.

They start by consulting the white pages online and only end up with outdated information and limited data size. In addition, so many persons today make use of cell phone numbers. And cell numbers cannot be found in such phone directories. But depending on professional body sites, social network sites, popular search engines and professional contact details lookup services can spring up a lot of interesting surprises.

Using the above-mentioned sites, therefore, can avail you access to verifiable phone number and details about a person.