About this privacy policy

searchfindpeople.com care about privacy policy and users who browse the site, so, this is the details you need to know now about data and protection on our end and what you can do to accept or reject this statement.

Personal information

Actually, SearchFindPeole does not offer to comment on our articles, we think that moderating comments will take a lot of time as there are thousands of spammers. So, we don’t collect your name or email address when you read any page or browse the site.

Also, we don’t need to get any of your personal details if you just read guides or browse pages.

On the other side, when you want to contact us, we’ll need to save your email address, IP, and name in order to contact you back if needed. We store these details in secure severs when we update the system regularly and make it a safe environment.

saerchfinfpeopel.com will never share or sell your personal information like the email address. we are against sharing details like these with anyone and it’s our goal to make the site safe, secure and user-friendly.

Links to external websites

Like any website on the web, we may add external links to trusted resources that can help to learn more about a term or new thing we mention on the site. So, when you visit another website we mention because we found a good guide or so, you’re responsible for your privacy with them and security.

Every website has its own privacy policy, terms of services and the way they manage cookies or data.

Browser cookies

Web browser cookies are small size files that website use to accelerate the site loading time, improve the user experience and make it better. Nearly 99% of websites use these cookies and they don’t have any negative side.

For example, SearchFindPeople uses these cookies to save the site logo or static page assets like CSS for styling the page layout, so, when the user browses the site, he gets faster loading time, and a better experience.

Site security

We host our website on a secure server where we implemented powerful security tools and protection systems. So, we make sure that the website is safe to use, and protected against online threats.

When you read our articles or posts, your browse gets well-protected content like text and images, in addition, we use SSL to encrypt the connection between our servers and your browser. So, you don’t have to worry about that, we take care of security and site protection professionally.

Need to contact us?

If you have questions about this privacy policy statement and you want to ask, use the contact page and we’ll reply to you as soon as possible.