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Best Websites for Renting Background Check

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For landlords in the United States who want to rent out their houses or apartments to people, doing a background check is vital. In these days and age of terrorist attacks as well as having all sorts of suspicious people moving around, doing a background check on prospective tenants has become critical.

Some people may advise certain steps to take when interviewing prospective tenants to ascertain their suitability or otherwise, for the apartment which you intend to rent out.

It is good to know the necessary steps to take, but this write up is more interested in the websites which can be used to run background research and check on a person. Because after all, you need to make sure that you are not dealing with troublemakers who would constitute a nuisance for you, or even cause you to be involved in some litigation or the other.

Background check sites for renters


Online background check services for renters

Below we have a list of websites which can be used to run a background check for people who want to rent apartments, and they include:

1. Vericalrents

Vericalrents is a popular site to run background checks of renters in the United States of America. Vericalrents has been out there since 2011, and have become one of the number one players in the industry when it comes to checking tenants.

The interesting part of this company is that a lot of their services are offered for free. They have screened more than 220 million applicants since they started and they give very comprehensive reports, and details are secure.

They provide a range of services which include doing a background check on the would-be applicant to know the kind of person who the applicant is and ensure you do not rent your place to troublemakers. They conduct checks on the tenant’s’ creditworthiness and financials.

This saves the landlord the hassle of renting out to people who cannot pay and thus being unable to retrieve his /her money or even getting involved in litigation with their tenants.

They also help by providing all sorts of landlord forms that landlords can use to assess their clients and decide if they to give out their houses to them or otherwise. They also provide forms for rental applications for renters. This organization is one of the best in the business.

2. E-renters

This is another quality website that does tenant screening for landlords. They have different services which they provide for their clients.

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This organization does have different packages to suit the needs of their customers and clients, and this includes:

Basic background check and tenant screening packages

  • This package is for about 20 dollars, and it involves doing a total check on the identity of the client who wants to take over or rent our apartment.  This includes checking criminal records, searching our social security number, former evictions or judgments and notices.
  • A 30 dollar package is also available, and such a package requires a credit check as well as a background check for tenants. This package is suitable for landlords to be able to find out how well a renter can pay his rent in the house. These checks are necessary to avoid litigation and to ensure that the right tenants are taken in.
  • Premium tenant screening package  – this package goes for about 35 dollars, and it is the gold package that this organization offers and it does it thorough background check.  They offer rent check advisory services as well as give former addresses and contacts of applicants. They do a very good job on background checks of renters in the United States.

3. Smartmoves

This is one magnificent website that does act as an interphase between renters and landlords, helping to screen applicants and ensure that landlords to get the wrong kind of applications and applicants.

This website runs a two way street in that, both renters and landlords can register on the site to suit each other’s needs. When a landlord registers on the site, he asks for tenants to register and fill forms on the website which are going to be used for background checks. The tenants also register on the website and get all sorts of forms that they fill.

The identity of the prospective renters are ascertained, and their credit records and creditworthiness can be determined such that all the routine checks are well done. When all of this information has been sent to Smartmoves successfully, they do their analysis on the suitability or otherwise of this prospective tenant.

When the analysis has been done, they come up with a report which is then sent to the landlord. This report contains a recommendation to the landlord on whether we should take on this particular person as a tenant or otherwise.

4. Experian Screening Services

Experian is an interesting screening service which offers a wide range of screening services for their clients. Experian is kings when it comes to screening services because they do provide screening for employment, for patients, for health care providers and many other screening services.

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For the purpose of this write-up, we shall dwell on the screening service which they provide for both residential tenants as well as commercial tenants. The services they provide for landlords include background checks, credit profile, and creditworthiness, employers address, marital status, social security number, as well as other diverse information.

These services can assist landlords in finding out the best way to get renters and tenants who want to come and be a pain in their necks, or destroy their property, or even involve them in some litigation or the other.

They also provide reports for commercial renters; they give landlords a business profile report as well as a credit profile report for the business of concern which has tried to rent an apartment or premises from the owner.

There are so many other businesses and organizations which provide background checks for companies, and you can check them up. These four mentioned above do give quality service, and you need to remember that the needs and wants of people are different and what suits one person may not suit another.


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