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How to search and find your old friends online: best sites and tools

Are you interested in knowing how to search for and find old friends online? Now, don’t you just love the idea of re-hooking up with your long-lost pals 5, 10, 15, 20 years down the line? No doubt friendship is as priceless as a jewel. It helps us have a shared base of experiences. Some of them memorable and others not so pleasant you might not want to remember. 

Our friends hold the key to some of the best memories and worse times in our history. And locating childhood ‘besties’, old schoolmates, comrades in the armed forces, former office colleagues and more could just be all you need to add more sparks to your life. So, hitch a ride with me as we explore how to do a search and find old friends online.

Get back in touch with old/lost friends

1. Social network sites

One of the first places to come to mind these days when searching for anyone would likely be the social media network. And of course, that should be expected. The social media network such as Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. and other professional networks such as LinkedIn can make all the difference when trying to locate even an old buddy of over twenty years ago online.

With a lot of persons being online for so many reasons, it becomes a lot easier to locate a person. Facebook, for instance, has close to 2 billion subscribers with hundreds of millions active on a monthly basis.

LinkedIn has over 300 million active professionals. With such figures on each network, the chance of your old buddy being on any of the networks is very high.

Another approach to take could be to join groups such as alumni groups and groups that share some relationship with your old friend probably he could be in one of them. You could also do a search on other close friends you both shared from the past to see if he or she would pop-up as a recommended name for mutual friends.

2. Search engines

Using search engines might not always turn out something exciting or useful but it could be worth the try. If your old pal has a reasonable online presence the chance is that his name would turn up with a search result.

Most popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duckduckgo, yippy, etc. have an extremely large database of all that happens online. They also link out to billions of hosting companies, websites and more to help make your search more possible when done properly. 

Sometimes, you might end up with a better search result with search results than even the paid friend or public record sites will offer.

Popular websites to reconnect with old friends

1. BeenVerified

This should be your first option and search tool to find and recommend with old friends faster. Unlike the other tools, this one is the most sophisticated, the best and the fastest. So, in a matter of minutes, you’ll be able to find long lost friends from high school, work or even a trip.

Find your Old Friends

To find an old friend with only a first name, visit the site and then, add the exact first name you want. Then, click the search button, and wait a minute or two. It can take longer to filter the results, however, it’s an accurate site that lets you find old friends from high school, college etc…

The website offers search using the person’s first name, last name, maiden name, surname, nickname, phone number, and his email address. So, if you have any of these search options, you’ll get back in touch with long lost friends faster than any other way.

2. is a free source to check for anyone online. It can access even social media details using the person’s email, phone number, and full name. It checks through public records and other sources to find your friends with a database of millions of persons.

3. contains a record of over 20 million people. It helps you locate old friends and even check for military records. With this free locator old you need could be the name and email to locate your long lost buddy.


Alumni houses over 5 million registered members from over one hundred thousand organizations worldwide. With over 16 years keeping records of teams, organizations and more it sure could be the solution to finding your friend online.

In 3 easy steps; register, join a school, college or office group you can find your friend. It can narrow down a search using some parameters you include and then pick from alphabetical order.


Classmate works best for US and Canadian contacts or people you share a relationship with from either country. It has over 40 million members and can help you faster to locate alumni or military colleagues. See events, reunion pages, and message board. The free membership offers enough room to spot a friend.


Friends Reunited allows you to access a database of over 19 million likely friends you once shared something in common. So, once you have your buddy’s name, military service information, street address, institution attended, etc. then you should be able to do a search for him or her.

Areas with higher search results include the:

  • United Kingdom
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • Australia
  • Hong Kong
  • Malaysia

You can even do a chat with other users who can help locate a friend using the available features on the site. The benefit is that it can bypass fake names to locate your old pal with his real name or even with the maiden name for ladies who have changed their names.


Just like others, you can do a search on this website that links to public records, names, state and other information you have about your pal. Again, with you can do an advanced search if your initial attempt did not yield anything fruitful. can give suggestions or details about close relatives and associates of the person you seek. With this, you should be able to make contact with such associates to find out more where necessary.

8. Public Records

Have you thought about going through public records? Yellow pages and available public information can spring up even more than what you expect sometimes. Your old pals may choose to remain anonymous hence you have might not have had any contact for long. But public records could help bring them out of finding.

I’m sorry, but unfortunately, an old buddy might be dead or in jail serving a long sentence and public records could just spoil your mood when you get to find the truth. 

BeenVerified, InFoTracer, and even can help you put most public records in a single place. it can provide you with criminal records, birth location, residence, birthday, phone number, relatives, etc. For public records, Federal Election Commission (FEC) website contains details for those who have any political links just like other public records but might not be so easy to access.

Carrying out a search on an old buddy might not be as difficult as it seems initially. Even when the person decides to stay off the internet, as long as you have some basic information about the person you can dig them out! Once you can locate their email or former institutions attended, former place of work you might be able to locate someone who knows how to reach them.

The secret is to keep trying and not to stick to one method only till you get what you seek; so much for old time’s sake. Happy searching!

What do you think about all these tools and tips for finding long-lost friends? Want to add something or you tried any of these search options?

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