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Best Free People Search Websites to Use in 2020

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To be able to find someone online fast, you need to use one of the free people search tools that we verified and tested. At the same time, keep in mind that you can browse thousands of names and profiles, so, follow our tips and hacks to get the exact results you’re looking for, this is how to find someone free of charge online.

Find people on the Internet

1. Google Search

If you want a fast search, then, start with Google, it’s not just a search engine for articles and pages, but also for people. Google has a powerful advanced search that includes amazing hidden features. That includes search filters like location, websites, languages, numbers, etc…

We recommend Google as your first step for finding someone online free of charge because we know it works, however, that requires concentration to really search for what you need.

Let’s explain, if you’re searching for a person you met for example, then, starts with the region, then, add his name, nickname, surname or any other details you have. In addition, you can limit searches to one language, and of course, some other information can help.

When you add these details, Google will execute all your complicated search requirements and filters and scans the huge databases. If there is a good result, Google search will return the exact name you searched for and that meets the search criteria.

That’s it, you can read the search results and select the one that seems appropriate. That will save a lot of time searching and scanning millions of pages and that’s the power of Google.

2. Bing

Google dominates the search engine market, but Bing is another search engine that works differently. That means different crawling, indexing and of course different search results. So, we can use Bing and reconnect with loved ones like friends, family members, etc…

Unlike Google, Bing does not offer an easy advanced search tool, but, you can make a search using the following symbols:

” example of name” This search operator lets you find the exact name
AND or & By using this search, Bing will find all terms or phrases
language: By adding the language after this search term, you get web pages that are in the specified language
loc: or location: Find people in a specific location or country

Avoid adding too many search terms and also don’t add a space after the colon in these search terms. That’s how Bing search work.

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3. Yahoo people search

Even if Yahoo is not a good search engine, it was surpassed by Google and even Bing powers its search platform it has a good people finder site. Visit their site, and type in the search box the exact person name you want to find. Then, click on the search icon. Next, read the results of the search page and click on the one that you think is the best.

Another good feature about Yahoo is its “Trending Now” function. So, if you think that the person that you want to search and find is a celebrity, then, you can find him on the list.

4. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo respects your privacy and never track your search history like Google. It’s not popular like Google but you can use it and repeat the search after changing the terms.

The only bad thing about this search engine is their infinite search results, instead of viewing the next page, the user gets infinite scrolling and that’s annoying for many.

5. Facebook

Imagine if you have a huge database of names, numbers, addresses and daily life details. That’s what Facebook does, forget the fact that Facebook is a social media site and focus on its platform of billions of profiles.

Now, even if Facebook is big enough to show you millions of profiles, you don’t want to deal with all that big data. So, make things easy in your search and include the country or the location. If you get no results, change the search parameters and spend a few minutes browsing profiles, there is always a chance to find others on Facebook that use fake photos.

6. WhitePages

The Whitepages site work for years, and it’s not a scam, but it’s a huge directory of individuals. So, there is a way to search and get people to contact details if the data is public of course. However, if the person that you want to find uses hidden numbers or makes everything secret, then, this website may not find it.

Whitepages lets you get free public records with the following details:

  • Addresses
  • Mobile numbers
  • Age
  • Relatives
  • Maiden names
  • Carrier information
  • Traffic records…

Note about finding others online

The above list of sites work and anyone can search and get free information, but please remember that you’ll need some minutes at least, to read these details and choose the right information. So, don’t skip this important step or you’ll end up with the wrong person name and details.

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Now, it’s your turn to try all these websites, each platform has its own pros and cons. So, if one website does not work for you, then, try another one.

If there is a good website that finds people online and it’s free, you can suggest it in your email and we’ll look into adding it to this list. We should try the site first, and if it works, we can add it later. We only recommend trusted, secure and legitimate websites that help in reconnecting with people without asking for any payment.


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