What to do if you found females phone numbers in your husband's pocket

What to Do if you Found Females Phone Numbers in your Husband’s Pocket

In People Search by Editorial StaffLast Updated: January 14th, 2020

No matter what the reason is, if you found another woman’s cell phone number in your husband’s pocket or anywhere else in the home or the office, you should do the following actions:

First, keep calm because you don’t have the truth and your man or boyfriend can keep that note with the name for legit reasons.

Second: You have to lookup up that number and see who the owner is, so, you get the name and in that case, it will be easy to check if it’s a female or a person from work, etc…

So, now, let’s find who that name belongs to without wasting time

Check the owner of the phone number you found

If your husband is so secretive with his mobile phone, then, that might be a sign of cheating, but don’t always trust all your feelings. We all human and we make mistakes, so, why not starting with a trusted reverse phone number lookup tool like BeenVerified?

It’s a good tool that verifies any number and tells you exactly who the owner is with full name, address, and even social media accounts. So, by using this method, you’ll get the accounts on social media and all the other sites with photos and details.

So, now, you know who is the real woman behind that cell number you discover in your husbands’ wallet or any other place, but what to do?

The report you get in the phone lookup tool is what you should save first, it includes all the details you need to have. So, verify the details and go further with investigations with your own research on the web. For example, if there is a Facebook account, check it and see if the lady that the mobile number belongs to is a colleague or a random woman he knows.

I say that because hiding someone’s name with contact details on the pockets is does not mean that he’s a cheater until you’re 100% sure.

People can take notes of contact details on the go and they just don’t have the time to call back. So, it can be a number of females that your husband talked to today about customer services or any other reason. That’s why you should never skip the verification process we talked about.

Ask him about that girl/lady

Because you already did your task and have an idea bout the person, you need to use that as a way to find if your partner is lying or not. So, start by asking him about the number, and why he’s hiding in. Compare what the man says with your phone lookup report and you’ll have all the answers.

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It’s also possible that your husband gave his number to another woman, and it’s always recommended to ask before taking action. Imagine if he just takes note of that number to buy you a gift, there are many handmade sellers who make personalized items and others (including ladies) can keep your partner’s details to contact him back for final delivery, you see? It’s better to verify twice every information we fund online or offline.

Other options and tips

If you already caught your husband cheating in the past, then, it’s probably another secret relationship. So, in parallel to her, you can lookup your husband’s number, you’ll be surprised by the secret contacts he has. Fortunately, the tool I recommended above does the hard job and finds all the numbers that he hides and you never thought about that of course.

Also, if he chats all day without letting know about these conversations, then, there is a second Facebook or Messenger account he uses and hides, and you’ll find using the same tool.

If there are no details about the number, then, you can try other search options. That includes social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and others. For that, search for the number and see if the site returns details or not.

Google and Bing can also help with that, and searching for someone’s details online are not that hard as it was years ago. You can find details, photos and other information that helps to uncover the truth.

Being in a healthy relationship is not always possible without verifying some basic details about your man. So, be honest with each other and if you cheated in the past, then, he might be getting another woman’s contact details that day, so, you should talk to each other and clarify things.

In addition, if you have a boyfriend and he hides other girls’ cell numbers somewhere, then, don’ always assume he’s having affairs with them. Being married is not the same as being in a friendship or in a relationship. At school, there is always a reason to take notes about girls to exchange courses or other education-related things, and it’s not always a sign of cheating.


By following the above tips and information, you know what you should do after finding a woman’s phone number hidden in your husbands’ paper or pocket. You could also extend the search options with Google and see other details if you want, which will give you more ways to check and find the truth.

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If you found another woman or girl’s phone number in your husband’s pocket, then, follow these steps and find the truth before taking action.


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